Privacy statement

  1. Introduction

Since we appreciate the trust you have in our company, we also take appropriate measures to protect your privacy and personal data when you use our products and/or services. We consider your personal data as confidential information.

The present privacy statement (hereinafter the “Privacy Statement”) is aimed to inform you in detail about how we use your personal data. We invite you to read this Privacy Statement to learn more about how we collect, use, save and share your personal data, and about your rights regarding our use of your personal data.

  1. Scope

This Privacy Statement applies to (i) all (present and former) customers, (ii) all prospects who show interest in our products and/or services, (iii) all visitors to our website (see article 14 of the current Privacy Statement), (iv) people working in a company or association we have or had a customer relationship with, and (vi) all other people who contact us in any way.


SLAAPADVIES is an expert in ergonomic sleeping solutions and individual sleeping advice. We kindly invite you to visit our website to see our full product and service range. The registered office is in 9052 Ghent (BE), Nederzwijnaarde 2 PB 28 (company number 0891.010.128 (trade register of Ghent, Ghent division).

SLAAPADVIES is the controller of the processing of your personal data.

Our contact details are in article 17 of the present Privacy Statement.

  1. What kind of information does SLAAPADVIES collect about me?

We can process the following personal data categories:

  • personal identification data, such as name, first name, gender, etc.;
  • identification data issued by the government, such as company number, etc.;
  • contact data, such as address, (mobile) phone number, email address, etc.;
  • contract data, such as product/service, customer history, etc.;
  • billing data, such as billing address, vat number, due amount, outstanding amounts, etc.;
  • financial identification data, such as your bank account number, etc.;
  • payment data, such as payment preference, account number, direct debit details, buyer’s track;
  • solvency data, such as – for business customers – credit assessment, etc.;
  • collection data, such as delay in payment, credit history, recovery procedure data, etc.;
  • relations, such as your function within your association, etc.;
  • electronic identification data, such as IP addresses (which is a number that can identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet), user IDs, device IDs, location, etc.;
  • usage data, such as information on the use of our website, our online services, or other online SLAAPADVIES content, log files, browsing behaviour, etc.;
  • professional activities, such as to which NACE code a company belongs;
  • data regarding complaints or incidents;
  • national registry number, when you provide us with a copy of your identity card;
  • camera images, from the surveillance cameras on our premises.

We do not process sensitive personal data, save when you on your own initiative give us sensitive personal data. Sensitive personal data are personal data displaying racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric information, health information, data specifying an individual’s sexual behaviour or orientation.

  1. How does SLAAPADVIES acquire my personal data?

We only process personal data we directly get from you, for instance through your contact(s) with us, through your use of our products and/or services, or through your use of our website.

  1. Am I obliged to provide my personal data to SLAAPADVIES?

Technically, you are not obliged to share your personal data with SLAAPADVIES. However, you are indeed required to provide your personal data when you wish to enter into a contract with us, and consequently for the contract’s implementation.

  1. SLAAPADVIES can use my personal data for which purposes?

We use your personal data for the purposes mentioned below; we added the legal basis for each processing. Upon provision of your personal data, we can provide you with additional information on the processing purposes.

7.1. Management of the contractual relationship

We process your personal data in order to enter into a contract with you, and subsequently to implement this contract. This includes, but not limited hereto, the processing of your order, the making of appointments for delivery and/or placing, the writing and sending of invoices, and of reminders, if necessary, and any communication amongst us regarding the contract. The legal basis of the above-mentioned processing is the entering into, or the implementation of your contract with us, respectively our justified interest.

7.2. Treatment of (customer)requests

When you send us a request and share your contact details for this purpose, we will use your data to reply to your request. This also includes data collection through online contact, for instance through the contact form or via Facebook. With regard to existing customers and precontractual measures taken at the request of potential customers, the legal basis for the processing is the preparation or implementation of your contract. For other requests by non-customers, we have the justified interest to send you a reply.

7.3. Marketing  communication on SLAAPADVIES products/services (or products/services of associated companies)

We use your personal data to send promotional and marketing communication. We can use your personal data for this purpose, based on our justified interest. The commercial interest of SLAAPADVIES includes the offering and the improvement of our products and services.

However, when your consent is required, we will not process your personal data for these purposes unless you grant approval to do so.

If you no longer wish to receive our promotional and marketing communication, please contact us via the below contact details.

7.4. Website: analysis/optimization/management

Our website uses cookies and equivalent technologies for functional, analytical and commercial purposes. For further information, we refer to article 15 of the current Privacy Statement, and to our cookie declaration on

7.5. Legal or regulatory obligations

In particular cases, we are obliged to process your personal data based on legal or regulatory obligations, including report obligations, bookkeeping, deal with official complaints, and cooperate with competent authorities, supervisors, tax authorities, judicial authorities and the police.

7.6. Safeguarding the rights of SLAAPADVIES and third parties

SLAAPADVIES holds a justified interest to process personal data to safeguard the rights, the property and the safety of SLAAPADVIES, its customers or third parties (including prevention, identification, research for fraud or possible crimes, protection of building and provisions, dealing with disputes, conflicts or legal procedures (to the extent it is not included in the customer management required for the implementation of the agreement or a legal obligation)).

7.7. Supportive services

Exceptionally, it is possible that personal data is processed for informatics and supportive services. We process these personal data to ensure the safety (of information) and the proper operation of our association; based on our justified interest therein.

7.8. Gifts and public relations

SLAAPADVIES processes the personal data of people involved for its administration of gifts and of relevant contacts from the sector, for public relations purposes, based on legal obligations within the frame of payments, and based on justified interest to create goodwill.

7.9. Prospection of possible trade partners

We process personal data within the frame of prospection of possible trade partners; based on the justified interest of SLAAPADVIES to do business.

  1. Will SLAAPADVIES share my personal data with third parties?

We will not share your personal data outside our company, unless it is required or allowed as described in this article 8. Your personal data can be shared with (i) associated companies, (ii) third parties supplying their services to us (e.g. sub-contractors, but also IT providers), (iii) competent authorities, (iv) professional counsellors, (v) a solvency assessor, (vi) another customer (e.g. as reference), and (vii) within the frame of a possible merger or acquisition of SLAAPADVIES.

We award certain services to carefully selected suppliers. We only share personal data with suppliers when required for the implementation of the service. We can share your personal data with third parties who supply their services to us, such as invoicing, post distribution, sales services, address database providers, accounting and payment services, call centre services, print services, market research agencies, marketing and media companies, gift shops, IT service providers, consultancy firms, bailiffs, lawyers and commercial partners. Under particular circumstances we are obliged to share your personal data based on  a valid request of competent authorities (e.g. tax services, legal authorities, police, data protection authorities), based on a legal or regulatory obligation or with professional counsellors (e.g. administrator or lawyer). Only in case you have a company, payment terms can be shared with a solvency assessor (e.g. Graydon). Finally, it is possible that someday SLAAPADVIES or one of its parent companies shares limited personal data with a possible buyer, seller or their counsellor(s), within the frame of a merger, acquisition or other business transaction.

  1. Will my personal data be shared outside the EEA?

Particular suppliers can be established outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We have implemented a comprehensive data protection policy and will only share your personal data with suppliers outside the EEA who have signed a (personal data processing) agreement, and who can guarantee an adequate protection of personal data based on an adequacy decision of the European Commission (e.g. EU/US Privacy Shield Framework), or based on the adequate warranties (e.g. EU Standard Contractual Clauses agreed upon with us).

  1. For how long will SLAAPADVIES save my personal data?

SLAAPADVIES will not keep your personal data longer than legally prescribed, nor longer than required for the purposes they were processed for. Therefore, the retention period depends on the law and the processing purposes. We keep your data in accordance with the retention periods set by the law. Basically, we keep most customer data (contract, billing, payments, etc.) for ten (10) years, because this is the maximum term during which a legal claim can be made. If the law does not mention a specific retention term, we shall determine the term based on the processing purpose within the frame of the limitation periods or the generally accepted retention periods within the frame of the uses or the directives of the supervisor.

  1. Are my personal data safe?

SLAAPAVIES aims to implement proper informatics applications developed to protect your privacy and personal data. We use generally accepted technical and organisational safety measures, and apply a safety policy that appropriately protects the personal data in our systems. Those systems are adequately protected against unauthorised use or publication, unauthorised modification, and unjustified destruction or accidental loss. Our staff and partners who have been granted access to your personal data are bound to strict secrecy.

  1. Can I adjust or withdraw my consent?

When we offer particular products or services, we need your consent in some cases. When you should no longer be interested in these products or services, you are entitled to adjust or withdraw your consent at any time. Actions that were carried out during the period of consent, shall remain lawful.

  1. What are my rights?

In accordance with the Data Protection law, and always under the conditions set by law, you have:

  • the right to inspect: you have, for instance, the right to know if, and which of, your personal data are processed, and you have the right to get a free copy of those personal data;
  • the right to rectification: at your request we will modify your personal data that are incomplete or incorrect;
  • the right to data erasure: if you wish so, we will erase your personal data, when there is no legal obligation to keep them, and in the event SLAAPADVIES also has no interest to keep them that outweighs the latter (e.g. to protect our rights);
  • the right to limitation of the processing: you have the right to ask us to retain particular personal data;
  • the right to transferability: you have, for instance, the right to ask SLAAPADVIES to get a copy of the personal data you gave us, and to have them received or be sent to a third party in a structured, accessible and digitally legible format;
  • the right not to be subjected to a decision exclusively made based on automated decision-making that implies legal consequences for you, or concerns you in another significant way. In the latter case, you are entitled to human intervention from SLAAPADVIES, the right to communicate your opinion, and the right to challenge the decision;
  • the right to withdraw your consent at any time;
  • the right to file a complaint with SLAAPADVIES;
  • the right to contact the Belgian Data Protection Authority (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels (BE) – phone: +32 (0)2 274 48 00, fax: +32 (0)2 274 48 35, email: [email protected]) in case of complaints regarding the processing of your personal data. However, we encourage you to first contact us try to find a solution;
  • the right to object: you are always entitled to ask us to stop processing your personal data – such processing in the justified interest of SLAAPADVIES or of a third party – including any profiling, for reasons related to your specific situation. If you use this right to object, your personal data will no longer be processed for that objective, unless SLAAPADVIES has interests that outweigh any other, or in case the processing relates to the institution, exercise or justification of a legal claim. SLAAPADVIES also processes your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you no longer wish to receive any or particular direct marketing, you can inform us thereof; including profiling for direct marketing. SLAAPADVIES will respect your choice in future direct marketing actions.

If you wish to exercise your rights in accordance with the Data Protection law, please contact us by email: [email protected] or by mail: Nederzwijnaarde 2 PB 28 – 9052 Ghent (BE). Please date and sign your request, and indicate at least your phone number and email address known to SLAAPADVIES.  SLAAPADVIES could ask for additional proof of identity, for instance through a copy of the front of your identity card. Your request will be dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection law.

  1. To which websites is this Privacy Statement applicable?

The present Privacy Statement is applicable to the following,,,,,

Our websites possibly contain hyperlinks to websites managed by third parties.

Moreover, SLAAPADVIES has a company page on various social network sites (amongst which Facebook). These pages are mainly used for a more active communication and to inform you about our products and services. We also use these pages to invite you to participate in contests where prizes can be won. SLAAPADVIES is not in control of, nor has access to, personal data collected by the various social network sites. For further information on the processing of your personal data by social network sites, we kindly ask you to read those networks’ privacy statements, or to contact them directly:

Third parties’ websites each have their own privacy statement.  Please read those privacy statements because we cannot be held responsible nor liable for the privacy policy of third parties’ websites, and we consider the use of such websites your own responsibility.

  1. Does SLAAPADVIES use cookies and equivalent technologies?

When you visit our website, receive our emails or use one of our services, SLAAPADVIES uses cookies or equivalent technologies such as pixels. Moreover, SLAAPADVIES uses cookie-related technologies. Cookies are (temporary) pieces of data that make sure you do not have re-enter the same information when revisiting a website. Moreover, they give us information on how you use our website or emails, and how we can improve them. For further information on cookies and related technologies, please read our cookie statement on

  1. Can this Privacy Statement be modified?

The present Privacy Statement can be adapted by SLAAPADVIES. Before you share your personal data with SLAAPADVIES, we recommend you to read the most updated version of our Privacy Statement. The date of the most recent update is shown on the first page. If major modifications are made to the current Privacy Statement, we will provide a more prominent notification (e.g. by email).

  1. How can I contact SLAAPADVIES with regard to the current Privacy Statement?

If you should have questions about, or remarks on the present Privacy Statement, you can contact the management of SLAAPADVIES BV by mail (Nederzwijnaarde 2 PB 28 – 9052 Ghent (Belgium)), by phone ((+32) 9 258 24 00) or by email ([email protected]). Please use this reference: ‘Data Protection’.

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