Home Made Bed

Home Made Bed

The Sleepy® Home Made bed is the perfect companion for your Sleepy® Original mattress. Use the legs from the box or place the bed base in your own bed frame. Because of its ingenious design, the Home Made bed fits in a compact box and can easily be delivered to your doorstep. However, it needs no installation!


Delivered in a practical box: at your doorstep in 1-2-3!

1-2-3 Sleep

The ideal addition to the Sleepy® Original mattress? Meet the Sleepy® Home Made bed! Its five zones support both your mattress and your body. The extra comfort zones at the shoulders and hips guarantee the perfect nights’ sleep. You choose how firm you want your bed to be and where you need the extra support.

Don’t worry about delivery. We deliver the Sleepy® Home Made bed in a practical box right to your doorstep. Its ingenious hinges keep the bed compact, so you can carry it up the stairs without any trouble, but make sure it needs no installation.

The legs supplied in the box allow you to use the bed base on its own. Not ready to say goodbye to your own bed? Just put the Sleepy® Home Made bed into your existing bed frame.

Comfort and support
for every type of mattress

1-2-3 Sleep

The 42 8 millimetre slats allow you to use any type of mattress with your Sleepy® Home Made bed. The slats are divided into five different zones, with extra comfort at your shoulders and hips.

The strong birch wood multiplex slats are coated with a protection against moist and salt. The can carry up to 150 kg.

The slats are attached to the frame with rubber connectors. These not only outlive plastic connectors, they are more flexible and offer a better support.

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70, 80, 90, 100



Comfort zones

Shoulder- and hipbone

Height frame

7 cm

Height legs

15 cm

Total height

22 cm

Amount of slats


Thickness slats

8 mm

Width slats

25 mm


Multiplex birch


SBS rubber trio caps

Weight class

max. 150 kg