Sleepy Care baby mattress

Sleepy Care baby mattress

The soft Sleepy mattress for babies and toddlers has a core of high-quality open-cell hybrid foam. The removable ventilating 3D cover is waterproof and has an antimicrobial effect.


Baby and toddler mattress with silky-soft ventilating 3D cover

The Sleepy Care mattress for babies and toddlers has a core of breathable open-celled hybrid foam.

The lightweight mattress with with heat and moisture regulating properties. The 3D structure provides a well-ventilated air flow. Moreover, the Sleeve gets rid of dust mites, bacteria and fungiand provides a hygienic and fresh-smelling sleeping environment.

The removable mattress cover can be washed at 60°C and has a waterproof film to keep the mattress dry and clean.


The Sleepy Care mattress cover is treated with a unique coating that wicks away moisture and spreads it over a large area for efficient evaporation. The coating also provides a silky soft feel and contributes to the durability of the sleeve and the mattress.


The cover is provided with a permanent antimicrobial effect.

How does this work:

  1. Micro-organismen worden aangetrokken door de coating
  2. De coating doorboort het celmembraan
  3. Dit deactiveert het micro-organisme en voorkomt groei en verspreiding


  • Elimineert alle soorten micro-organismen (bacteriën, schimmels, allergenen…)
  • Voorkomt geurvorming

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Removable hypoallergenic 3D cover washable at 60°C


Open-cell hybrid foam

Width x length

60 x 120 cm, 70 x 140 cm