Sleepy Hybrid Pillow

Sleepy Hybrid Pillow

The pillow reinvented! Based on scientific research the Sleepy Hybrid pillow has been developed for an optimal night’s sleep. It is temperature-regulating and adjustable in height.


A unique pillow

Adjustable height

Adjust the height and firmness of your pillow by removing or adding the Comfort Ice Fibre and Ice Cubes hybrid filling.

Zomer & winterzijde

The summer side consists of cooling Reactex. Reactex is a unique technology that activates cooling under the influence of pressure. (pressure activated)
The winter side is finished with silky-soft premium Jacquard cotton.

Perfect support

With its ideal mix of soft Comfort Ice Fibre and supported Ice Cubes, the Sleepy Hybrid Pillow adapts perfectly to your sleeping position and supports your head, neck and spine.

Each side has its own comfort

1. Reactex® cooling technology

On one side, the pillow is finished with Reactex® combined with a soft comfort layer. Reactex® is a pressure-sensitive cooling material that ensures that you fall asleep faster. The pillow is finished with an extra layer of comfort fibres for a luxurious feeling.

2. Ventilating mesh

The side panel made of mesh, together with the hybrid filling of soft comfort gel fibres and supportive Ice Cubes, ensures optimal air circulation. This promotes temperature regulation and ventilation.  So your pillow stays cool all night long.

3. Soft jacquard cotton

The other side of the pillow is made of 100% jacquard cotton. This side of durable, lightweight material gives you a very soft feeling.

Reacted® technology

The innovative Ice cubes made of visco-elastic memory foam are specially developed to adapt perfectly to every sleeper. The unique Gel Fibre ensures a very pleasant and long-lasting comfort. By adding or removing filling, you can easily adjust the height and firmness of your pillow to suit your needs. The Ice Cubes contribute to optimal ventilation and air flow through the pillow.

A revolutionary pillow

Especially for you


The summer side of the pillow is activated under the influence of pressure (pressure activated). With Reactex®, you will enjoy a wonderful cooling effect and fall asleep faster.

Comfort layer

For an extra comfortable feeling

Comfort Gel Fiber + Ice Cubes

The blocks of visco-elastic memory foam adapt perfectly to your body and thus offer optimal support. Combined with the Comfort Gel Fibre, this pillow offers very pleasant and long-lasting comfort.

Comfort layer

For an extra comfortable feeling

Soft jacquard cotton

The comfort layer is surrounded by silky-soft premium jacquard cotton, a durable lightweight material for a very soft feel.

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