Sleepy Latex Blue mattress


Sleepy Latex Blue mattress

High-quality Sleepy® Latex mattress

This Sleepy® Latex mattress combines the best of 2 worlds. A resilient support in cold foam with a supple and ergonomically corrected top layer in latex.

  • 120 nights of test sleeping
  • Not satisfied? Money back!
  • 7 year warranty

Natural elasticity and good pressure distribution

This latex top layer is made of a liquid latex mix of 20% natural latex milk and 80% synthetic latex.

This results in a high natural elasticity and resilience and is therefore very suitable for sleeping on.

Latex zorgt voor een goede drukverdeling en vormt zich mooi naar de vormen van je lichaam.

Thanks to the relatively open cell structure and the ventilation holes, good air circulation is guaranteed. The layer of cold foam (or HR foam) enhances the mattress’s ventilating capacity and gives an extra supporting dimension to the lying comfort of this mattress.

The removable and washable (40°C) mattress cover is expertly made with Tencel fabric, a very powerful moisture and heat regulating fibre.

The mattress has a total thickness of approx. 24cm and can be slept on one side. Regularly turn from head to foot end for even use and long-lasting pleasure!

10 year warranty

The Sleepy® Latex Blue mattress is composed of carefully selected quality materials. Durability guaranteed!

Delivered in a practical box

sleepy latex blue mattress in a box


sleepy latex blue unroll


sleepy latex blue remove plastic foil

Remove plastic foil

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80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200




22 cm

Comfort zones

7 zones with reinforced middle zone and softer middle zone


Latex soft Blue and open cell HR foam


Ventilating Lyocell cover washable at 40°C