Uni mattress


Uni mattress

You decide on which side of the Sleepy® Original you sleep. Its revolutionary design allows you choose to sleep soft or a bit firmer. The only thing you have to do, is turn your mattress around. Its simple with a twist!


2 comforts unified in one mattress

The Sleepy® UNI mattress has a core of unique medium and firm HR support. The open cell structure of the foam creates optimal ventilation.

The zip-on cover in luxurious jacquard can easily be removed for washing.

Fits any sleeper or bed base

No matter your sleeping position, body posture or bed base, the Sleepy® UNI mattress guarantees a good night sleep.

Clean & fresh

The Sleepy® UNI mattress unifies two different comforts, medium and firm, in a single mattress. Turn your mattress upside down and switch between a softer or firmer comfort.

120- night trial

To make sure you really love the Sleepy® UNI mattress we allow you to try it out for 120 days!

10 year warranty

The Sleepy® UNI mattress is designed using carefully selected high quality materials. Durability guaranteed!

Certified safe & environmentally conscious

The Sleepy® UNI mattress meets the current requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment.

Delivered right to your doorstep

sleepy home made original matras in een doos


sleepy home made matras, uitrollen


sleepy home made matras, folie verwijderen

Remove plastic foil

Hardheid kiezen & slapen


90, 140, 160, 180






Core of unique medium and firm HR support with open cell structure for optimal ventilation


The zip-on 3D cover in luxurious jacquard can easily be removed for washing

Comfort zones

5 zones with shoulder and hip zone