Sleepy Hybrid Pillow


The pillow reinvented! Based on scientific research the Sleepy Hybrid pillow has been developed for an optimal night’s sleep. It is temperature-regulating and adjustable in height.

A unique pillow

Adjustable height

Adjust the height and firmness of your pillow by removing or adding Nanotube filling.

Heat regulating

The Outlast® technology developed by NASA ensures that you are never too cold or too hot.

Perfect support

Each Nanotube adapts perfectly to your sleeping position, supporting the complex structures of your head, neck and spine.

Each side has its own comfort

1. Outlast®

On one side the pillow is finished with Outlast® combined with a layer of soft duck down. OutlastOutlast® regulates your body temperature while the down gives you a luxurious feeling.

2. Ventilating mesh

The mesh side panel, and the Nanotubes inside, ensure optimal air circulation. This promotes temperature regulation and ventilation. This way your pillow stays cool all night.

3. Soft jacquard cotton

The other side of the pillow is made of jacquard cotton with a thread count of 300, combined with a smart microfibre. This side of durable, lightweight material gives you a very soft feeling.

Nanotube technology

The innovative Nanotubes are visco elastic memory foam tubes designed to perfectly adapt and give you just the right neck support for your sleeping position. Each pillow comes with hundreds of Nanotubes. By adding or removing tubes you can easily adjust the height and firmness of your pillow to your wishes. The open Nanotubes contribute to optimal ventilation and airflow through the cushion.

A revolutionary pillow

Especially for you


Originally developed for space travel, Outlast® proactively regulates your body temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat.

Fine down

The soft duck down provides a luxurious and naturally breathable bottom layer.


These visco elastic memory foam tubes adapt perfectly to your body and sleeping position and thus offer optimal support.


Thanks to our cleverly woven microfibre, this side of the pillow is soft, durable and anti-allergic.

Jacquard cotton

The microfibre is surrounded by silky soft premium jacquard cotton with a 300 thread count.


70 cm


50 cm