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Discover the different Sleepy® mattresses. Here you will find ergonomically optimised mattresses that deal with body ailments such as back pain and neck pain. On this page you can compare the different models on three criteria: ventilation, comfort and support. So you can be sure you are making the right choice when buying a mattress.

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The Sleepy® Pocket Classic mattress is a solid pocket spring mattress with 7 comfort zones. The value for money is nicely balanced.Our most popular mattress offers optimal comfort for the perfect night’s sleep. The Sleepy® Original mattress was designed with a focus on optimal comfort and support. As a result, it fits everyone, regardless of sleep position or body type.The Sleepy® Latex Blue mattress combines the best of 2 worlds: resilient support in cold foam with a supple and ergonomically zoned top layer in latex.
The pocket springs in the core create a constant air movement, which keeps the mattress constantly ventilated. The Sleepy® Original is a highly ventilating mattress. This is due to the adaptive, thermoregulating luxury 3d ticking combined with the breathable foam layers. This creates healthy ventilation that makes the mattress last longer & feel fresh! Thanks to the open cell structure & ventilation holes of the latex top layer, good air circulation is guaranteed. The cold foam in the core of the mattress enhances this effect.
Comfort and support
The firm support of this mattress comes from the from combination of pocket springs and a finishing layer of comfortable HR foam. The mattress consists of 7 zones for extra comfort.Its revolutionary design allows you to choose whether you lie softly or more firmly. The strength of the support is different on each side of the mattress. The Sleepy<sup>®</sup> Original mattress was developed to provide optimal comfort & support. For example, the microscopic air capsules in the air foam layer relieve all pressure points. In addition, the mattress consists of 7 comfort zones; including a different shoulder and hip zone on the head and foot side.The latex top layer consists of 20% natural latex, and 80% synthetic latex. This gives the material natural resilience: ideal for a comfortable sleep. The Sleepy® Latex Blue provides a nice pressure distribution across the mattress. With 7 different zones (and reinforced middle zone and softer shoulder zone), the mattress knows how to respond perfectly to the different pressure points of your sleeping position.
Core of barrel-shaped pocket springs is combined with top and bottom comfort layer in supple foam. Double cloth cover with a 3-sided zip. Can be washed. Advanced top layer in microscopic air capsules. Comfort layer in soft & comfortable viscous foam. Base layer in durable hybrid foam. Latex top layer of a liquid latex blend (20% natural latex milk and 80% synthetic latex). The underlying layer consists of firm cold foam. Hypoallergenic 3D ticking (Purotex® and Adaptive®). Can be unzipped and washed.
Turn over?
The mattress can be slept on either side. Turn it over 4 times a year. Choose whether you sleep on the soft or firm side. Then you don’t need to flip the mattress.You don’t need to turn the mattress over.
80 x 200 cm to 200 x 200 cm 20 cm thick Suitable for flat and adjustable bed bases70 x 190 cm to 200 x 220 cm 25 cm thick Suitable for flat and adjustable bed bases80 x 200 cm to 200 x 200 cm 22 cm thick Suitable for flat and adjustable bed bases
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